Almonds & Almonds Cream


Every time someone thinks of almond, thinks of Sicily, of its desserts and cuisine. And just in the Sicilian hinterland grow our best almonds, which we select, with love, to offer you the best taste experience imaginable. Our almonds have a sweet and intense taste, are rich in vitamin B, mineral salts and are extremely energetic and healthy for the body.

What about almonds? They are from the Middle East, the United States are the largest producer in the world, but the Sicilian ones! The Sicilian ones are the most desired in the world. The proof is the fact that the candy of the wedding of Harry and Meghan were produced with Sicilian almonds, at the express request of the Queen. Our almonds are just delicious! They have a full-bodied, intense and sweet taste and they are very good for the health. In fact, they are highly nutritious and rich in healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Eating almonds, in the right measures (because, as the virtuous Greeks said virtus in medio stat), reduces sugar and cholesterol levels in the blood and keeps blood pressure at bay. With almonds, Sicilians love to make sweets and many recipes and that’s maybe why we decided to make our delicious almonds cream.


Our best almonds, lightly toasted and then ground to stone. This is the secret of the sweet, unique and intriguing taste of our Almond Cream, made with love, with the simple and natural ingredients of the most authentic Sicilian tradition.

Our almond cream is maden only of almonds, brown sugar and extra virgin olive oil.