Our ancient wheat flours

Natural stone-grinded

The love for the traditional Sicilian cuisine and for its natural and beneficial ingredients has led us to the rediscovery of the ancient grains of Sicily with which we produce our flours, all strictly ground with natural stone, in order not to lose the precious trace elements, the fibers and the proteins of which our grains are very rich.

Our flour of durum wheat Perciasacchi, obtained from stone grinding, is rich in fiber, ideal for regularizing intestinal functions and suitable, thanks to the presence of a less elastic and tenacious gluten, to all those who suffer from gluten sensitivity, but that are not celiacs. Its fine-grained yellow flour makes it perfect for baking.




Our flour of durum wheat Russello is ideal for reducing blood cholesterol levels and to keep the weight at bay by placating the sense of hunger. It has a high digestibility and lends Itself well to long storage.






Our flour of durum wheat Tumminia characterized by a slightly brownish colour, it is particularly tasty and fragrant and ideal for diabetic subjects and for low-glycemic diets.





Our flour of soft wheat Maiorca, rich in proteins, mineral salts and vitamins, is ideal for
preparing delicious and sweet recipes, it is also easily digested and contains about 50% less gluten than the
commonly used flours for sweets.



Our flours can be whole, semi-whole or tumbled, depending on the type of mill used.


TUMBLED, indicates a flour always ground to natural stone, but without bran. RECOMMENDED FOR PIZZA AND FRESH PASTA.

SEMIWHOLE WHEAT, indicates a flour always ground to natural stone, containing bran and lightly sifted. RECOMMENDED FOR PIZZA, BAKERY AND PASTA.

WHOLEWHEAT indicates a flour always ground to natural stone, containing bran and therefore rich in fiber and mineral salts. RECOMMENDED FOR BAKING.