The Black Lentil of Leonforte

The black lentil of Leonforte is an ancient legume, whose history of cultivation is lost far away in the mists of time of the Sicilian hinterland. And it is right in the most hidden heart of the island that today we continue to cultivate, with love, the black lentil of Leonforte. A legume with a unique and intense taste, rich in proteins, vitamins and natural antioxidants, which purify the body and prevent skin aging. The black lentil of Leonforte or Monti Erei is one of the typical products of the Enna area and it has nutritional and organoleptic characteristics that make it a top product of local agriculture, its iron content is 35% higher than that of the other variety of legumes. Its very low yield per hectare determined, starting from 1950, its progressive disappearance from the market. It is said that only one farmer remained as the guardian of the variety and that he allocated his entire production to the chef serving in the Senate of the Republic.