White Chickpeas “Pascià” & Black Chickpeas

The first evidence on chickpeas seems to date back to the Greeks, if not even to the Egyptians. Their long history, perhaps, justifies their third place as the most consumed legumes in the world, behind soy and beans. But that is not all! Surely this incredible success is due also, and above all, to their incredible nutritional properties. The chickpeas, in fact, are rich in protein, iron, minerals  (in particular calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium) and vitamins of group A and B. Their consumption is recommended especially for a good maintenance of the bones, to keep cholesterol at bay, to preserve heart health and good blood circulation. The warm and dry climate enjoyed by Sicily is certainly ideal for growing this fantastic legume, of which our farm produces two splendid typically Mediterranean varieties.


In the heart of the Sicilian hinterland are born the white chickpeas “Pascià”, a particular variety of legumes with an intense and full-bodied flavor, perfect for soups and ideal to serve as a single dish, seasoned with oil and salt. Rich in protein and essential nutritious elements, the chickpeas Pascià, strongly remind of the genuine and authentic taste of the ancient flavors of Sicily.


Black chickpeas are a typical Mediterranean variety characterized by an intense black color due to their greater fiber and iron content. They have a strong and velvety flavor and are ideal for preparing delicious soups or for serving as a side dish.