About Us

Our Story

The story of the Seminiamo farm is the story of our family for over fifty years. A family that has dedicated its life to its work, to agriculture, to the infinite love for the land, crossing and facing the great and sudden changes that this era has entailed especially in the agricultural sector. But the deep meaning of our story can only be understood just searching out, in the succession of events, what in our small world has never changed since 1960: the passion in our work and family and all those values ​​of defence of the goodness, of the genuineness, of the naturalness that in us have remained unchangeable values ​​to defend always against any change. The courage and the desire to do only well-done things distinguish us. And yet, the humility to continuously learn; the trust that comes from having a vision and the ability to share it; the
wisdom to open up to new challenges without ever losing sight of what our heart knows to be the most important goal:

to create quality without ever being satisfied, fully respecting nature and the environment. These are the values ​​that still today, day by day, build our future, because there is no future without a past. Because we love authentic things, authentic flavours. Because we love authenticity. 

Our company was born in the heart of the Sicilian hinterland, a few kilometres away from the blue sparkle of the sea, but immersed in an enchanting vegetation, among fields of wheat, olive and almond trees. Our district is exactly that of Enna to which the Greeks narrate that the goddess Demeter gave the gift of wheat for the first time in the history of the world. A gift deserved by all those Sicilians who had helped her, with constancy and fervour, to find the disappeared daughter Core, hostage of the god Pluto. Of course, this is only an ancient legend, but it gives us the idea of how much is ancestral and deep the bond of our territory with the grain.  

We only use the wheat of our lands that has a deep and ancestral bond with the territory and the environment.

Our Values

The truth is that we missed the flavours of the past. Some perfumes. That authentic and genuine food that you could not get out of your mind. That food that created a kind of obsession in the mind of those who ate it, Sicilian or foreigner. Yes, we really wanted that food, we really wanted that grain, that pasta. We wanted to rediscover that poetry, that unforgettable.

we decided to look to the future by taking a step back. Returning to the
respect of biodiversity, of nature. Going back to those flavours that made people dream, desire, keeping us away from industrial processing techniques, choosing everyday only naturalness and passion.

Respect for nature and biodiversity, love for true and authentic taste: these are the guidelines of our company, based on a feeling of generational love for the earth that goes beyond anything.

Sustainability and quality

It all starts with cultivating our grain according to nature, without forced, industrial, chemical and unnatural treatments, fully respecting the ecosystem, choosing non-commercial products, natural varieties condemned to disappear just because not perfectly in line with the laws of the market and profit. We proceed with the selection of our best products and then we transform them
according to the traditional processing methods, because

we want to give you and the planet the best grain possible