An ancient love story between wheat and the sun

The wheat of Sicily was loved in centuries far from all the peoples who conquered the island, who made it the granary of their empires. Because that ancient grain, kissed by the sun, had exceptional nutritional properties and a unique and intense taste. In the footsteps of that past, we promised ourselves to bring back the authentic and genuine taste of the Sicilian pasta, made with ancient stone-grinded grains, bronze-drawn and dried at low temperatures, as nature makes and tradition commands.

Between myth and wheat

It was the Goddess Demeter, mad of grief for the abduction of her daughter Core by Pluto, who gave as gift the wheat to the Sicilians, for the kindness and constancy with whom they had taken care of her desperation. And it was just like that for the first time, for an act of love, the world knew the wheat.

Wheat and other stories

Together with wheat, we also like to grow some delicious and rare specialties of our territory, such as almonds, white chickpeas (called Pascià), black chickpeas and black lentils Leonforte, which hide stories of other times and unforgettable flavours.